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Episode 19

Dave and Paul are joined by travel writer Nick Inman to discuss Sarkozy’s bizzare cigarette rant, the terrorist threat to Lyon’s swingers’ scene, depressed chefs and the merits (or not) of a mystical approach to... Read More
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Episode 18

The WB is back (while the rest of France is on strike) to mull guns at Disneyland, review Sarkozy’s new book, wave the interior minister goodbye and is joined by French food expert Rosa Jackson... Read More
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Episode 17

The WB talk Pamela Anderson following her (in no way) historic visit to France’s parliament, explain why Hollande’s latest employment plan is a con, and dip into naked art, disastrous drug trials and hidden planets.... Read More
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Episode 16

Dave and Paul talk kippas (not the fish), Life on Mars, ponder why France’sfootball league is so hopelessly uncompetitive and take a peak into the Bettencourt affair and its twisted history of secret tapes, night... Read More
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Episode 15

The WB takes a look at the twisted route that has led one of France’s wealthiest and most secretive families to a very public court case involving billion of dollars of art, tax dodging, infidelity... Read More

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